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Advantages of Zhongke automatic rigid box making equipment compared with domestic counterparts
1. Annual production came to 300 by 2014, topping world list.

2. We have our own factories with the area covering over 70 acres and building area covering 46,680m2, topping the world list within the industry.

3. With nearly 13 years’ experience from July 2002, Zhongke has manufactured the most professional products, including
(1) ZK-660A automatic rigid box forming machine.
(2) ZK-660 automatic box forming machine (specially designed for iPhone boxes).
(3) ZK-320 automatic box maker without angle pasting.
(4) WLH5540 automatic corrugated box forming machine.
(5) PHJ-4030 automatic box making machine for jointed.

4. We are a professional manufacturer, and we own complete intellectual property rights of our machines. Counterparts in China always model themselves after Italian and Japanese suppliers, and as materials and processes in China are different from that of foreign countries,, the stability and service life of equipment can’t be ensured.

5. We always put customer benefits as the top priority, earning it good reputation. For example, all the four manufacturers of boxes for iPhone products purchase machines from us; 60% of Samsung (including South Korea, the United States, Vietnam and China) mobile phone boxes are manufactured by our equipment. Now there is 1 client owns over 60 sets of our equipment, 2 clients own more than 40 sets, 4 clients own over 20 sets, and 20 clients own 10 sets or more.

6. We persist in scientific and technological innovation to perfect our equipment. For example, we improved the appearance of boxes by enhancing the folding technique, and we increased the precision of positioning by using two-color positioning conveyer belt practice to realize microcomputer positioning.

7. We have never stopped to be better. With years’ experience of responding to customer feedback and continuous innovation, we successfully make product performance stable, which can’t be comparable by other products in the market.

8. A sound service system has been established in eastern, southern and northern China to offer customers with supreme after-sales service while charging no service fee. Besides, we will arrange after-sales visit on a regular basis. Additionally, we provide our customers and agents with 20-day’s free technical training program.
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